P2P - Reject Invoices



In Tasks, you can see the list of tasks that are waiting for your action. These guidelines tell you how to reject tasks that are waiting for your action. You can reject approval tasks for any document type. If you need to view or act on invoices across your organization, go to Accounts payable tab instead. For more information about AP Pro, go to AP Pro Training (basware.com).


  1. Click Tasks. 
  2. Select a tab at the top of the page to filter the tasks by document type, such as Purchase requisitions or Invoices.
  3. Find the task that you want to reject.
  4. Click next to the Approve button. All available options are shown in a drop-down list.
  5. To reject the task, click Reject.

Depending on the configuration of your system, you may be requested to add a comment when rejecting a task. In this case, a dialog box appears.

  1. Select a reason for rejection.
  2. Type your comment in the Comment field.
  3. Click Reject.

The task is rejected, and it will disappear from your task list. 


Additional Information:

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