Basware Communication and Escalation Channels


This article provides general guidance on Basware's communication channels.

Should be used whenever there is a need for assistance, escalation of a request or a question to Basware.

Make Sure:

Using Basware Support Portal as your main information source. Visit this article for more information about the Basware Support Portal.

There is already a logged case for your request.


We are excited to introduce  Basware's new communication channels designed to improve your experience when seeking help and support.

Basware Portal Chat:

Experience real-time communication with our support consultants through the newly integrated portal chat. You can start a conversation, ask questions, or escalate issues by entering your case/CR number directly into the chat. Assistance will now be provided in your preferred language. Portal Chat is conveniently located in the lower right corner of your screen.

See the image below for reference.

A screenshot of a chatDescription automatically generated

Basware Support Phone Numbers:

We've streamlined your access to Basware support via phone. You can request assistance, escalate issues, and share feedback directly through the new support phone numbers.

Basware Web:

In recognition of your time's value, we've introduced an efficient communication and escalation option within Basware Web. You can easily add a comment and request an escalation directly within the case/CR. Furthermore, if clarification is needed, you can request a call with one of our experienced consultants.

Thank you for choosing Basware, and we look forward to providing you with even more efficient and effective support.