Purchase - How to - Change purchase order sending method to suppliers for individual orders


This article will explain how to change purchase order (PO) sending method to suppliers for individual orders and how to utilize the feature.

With this feature users are able to:


Changing the sending method

The users need to change the sending method for an individual purchase order, while they are editing the purchase requisition.

If the order has been sent to workflow without editing the requisition, some of these changes may be required in the Finalize step, for example when adding a missing email address or changing the order's sending method for a blanket order, if user has selected a Network supplier.

The action to change the sending method is available in the Purchase orders panel.

When the user selects Change sending method, the user will then see a dialog that will allow to change sending method.

If the user changes the sending method from Network to email, the email is pre-filled if it is has been added to that supplier in P2P Admin. If it is has not been added, the user is expected to add the email address in the field. Multiple email address can be added to the supplier's email address field. Emails are separated by a space.

Self-service order

In the same dialog, the user can also choose Other email recipients which can be used for self-service order. This can be used for example in cases when the ordered items should be picked from a store instead of the supplier delivering the ordered items.

The order can be sent either to supplier and other email recipients or only to other email recipients.

In case the self-service order is handled by the purchase requisition owner, there is a shortcut, Add owner, for adding the owner's email address.

Multiple email address can be added to the email field.

Purchase order view

The following fields in the purchase requisition's purchase orders panel contain information on order sending:

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