Basware Purchase-to-Pay 23.1 New Features


1 Introduction

This document contains descriptions of new features in Basware Purchase-to-Pay 23.1 and its maintenance releases.

2 Procurement

2.1 “Category” catalog filter renamed to “Category Codes”

Module(s): Marketplace
Feature ID: ALUSTA-102295
Release: P2P 23.1
Feature Implementation: Feature is in use automatically

In Marketplace, it is possible to create categories that function as shortcuts on the landing page. These categories also appear in the Marketplace catalog filters, in the Category section. A different catalog filter allows users to filter by category code, but previously that filter was called Category

The filter for category codes has now been renamed to Category Codes to make it easier to distinguish between the two filters. 

2.2 DPS - Allow multiple contact email addresses in Contracts

Module(s): Marketplace
Feature ID: ALUSTA-102310
Release: P2P 23.1
Feature Implementation: Feature is in use automatically

When suppliers are using the Contracts section to register for their buyers’ Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS), suppliers have a field to enter a contact email address. Previously it was only possible to enter one email address as a contact. This caused problems for suppliers, such as when the only contact person was out of office. Now, suppliers can enter multiple addresses in the contact email address field, separated by semicolons. 

For more information on the Dynamic Purchasing System, see the 21.8 new feature announcement in the Basware Knowledge Base.

2.3 Prevent shop users from using customized delivery address

Module(s): Purchase
Feature ID: ALUSTA-89554
Release: P2P 23.1
Feature Implementation: Customer can take into use

Now it is possible to prevent users from selecting a custom delivery address on purchase requisitions and purchase orders. A new user right has been added: Use customized delivery addresses. The new user right is granted to all users by default, and there is no change to the custom delivery address functionality.

You can choose to remove this user right from users. If you do so, those users can no longer enter a custom delivery address when creating or editing purchase requisitions and orders at the header level or line level. This restriction does not apply to Purchase Professional Tools.

Shown below is the custom address option on the Summary page. This option is only available to users who have the new user right (all users, by default):

3 AP Automation

3.1 Legacy Configuration Tool interface is now deactivated

Module(s): Config Tool
Feature ID: ALUSTA-99704
Release: P2P 23.1
Feature Implementation: Feature is in use automatically

The legacy Configuration Tool interface, built on Microsoft Silverlight, has reached end of life and is now completely deactivated for all customers. Configuration Tool is now available in our modern HTML5 user interface.

3.2 Automatic forwarding of row approval tasks to supervisor or default approver

Module(s): Invoice Automation
Feature ID: ALUSTA-99587
Release: P2P 23.1
Feature Implementation: Basware consultant work is needed before customer can take into use

Automatic invoice task forwarding has been enhanced. Now the row approve tasks can also be forward to the user’s supervisor or default approver. Earlier, automatic forwarding could only forward tasks to the next user in the advanced user rights (AUR) table.

To use this enhancement, open the automatic forwarding task in P2P Administration and add the new parameter RowApprovalForwardingMode. There you can define who the row approve task should be forwarded to: Supervisor, DefaultApprover, or NextRecipientFromAUR.

If you need any help enabling this enhancement, please contact Basware Support

3.3 Tasks in Waiting status are now also forwarded to backup users

Module(s): Invoice Automation
Feature ID: ALUSTA-99712
Release: P2P 23.1
Feature Implementation: Feature is in use automatically

Backup user resolving has been enhanced for tasks that are in Waiting status. Tasks can be in Waiting status when they are not pending yet.

Now, when using the “Forward pending tasks” setting when defining a backup user, tasks with Waiting status are also forwarded to the backup user. Earlier, tasks in the Waiting status were not forwarded to the backup user, which caused delays in processing.

This enhancement affects to invoices, spend plans, purchase requisitions, and goods receipts.

Module(s): Invoice Automation
Feature ID: ALUSTA-84465
Release: P2P 23.1
Feature Implementation: Basware consultant work is needed

By default, contracts are handled as part of Procurement. However, it is now possible to view imported contracts from the Accounts Payable solution instead or even see contracts in the 2nd level navigation of both Procurement and Accounts Payable . These options may fit more naturally into your existing organization’s processes and enables access to contracts for AP-only customers.

The placement of the Contracts link is controlled using the Tenant setting ContractNavigation. Valid values are procurementaccountsPayable, or both. Contact Basware Support to enable this feature for your organization.

From Procurement:

From Accounts payable:

4 Platform

4.1 Organization role configuration enhancement

Module(s): Platform
Feature ID: ALUSTA-100472
Release: P2P 23.1
Feature Implementation: Feature is in use automatically

Role assignment rules have been changed so that user groups on lower organization elements cannot contain roles to higher organization elements