Basware Reporting

Basware Reporting 

Basware Reporting is an online reporting tool that allows customers to generate reports with standard data content. The service is available as a complete self-service tool. After the initial setup, customers can configure the reports on their own.  

Reporting Setup 

Pre-made reports can be either downloaded or ordered to email addresses defined by a user who has access to Basware Reporting. 

When the report is delivered via email, the email contains a ZIP file that includes the report files in CSV format. The email also contains a link to download the report. If the size of the report is more than 5 MB, only a link to the download functionality is available.  

With Basware Reporting, the user will see both the pending report requests and reports that are already delivered. It is possible to download, search, and sort old reports up to the past 90 days. 

Basware Reporting requires separate access rights. A user with access to Basware Reporting can create reports for the whole organization of the contractual party, as defined during the implementation project. The service is activated for a maximum of two users. The user can add any email address as a recipient. The recipient list is separate for each report. 

Timing of Report Execution and Delivery 

Reporting data is available for the previous day and earlier. The report includes transactions in delivery statuses “Delivered” and “Rejected” (undelivered). Documents that are currently processed are not included in the report. The reporting schedule can be set as daily, weekly, or monthly. The cut-off time is midnight, according to the time zone that the user has selected in Basware Reporting. 

Report Types 

Currently available reports are: