Matrix Items via CSV upload

Create or edit Matrix Items Import via CSV file.

When you have a large amount of matrix items to create or update, you can do this by exporting and then importing a CSV file.

1. Click Product Manager > Price Lists.

2. Find and open the price list where you want to create or edit the product matrix.

3. Next to Matrix Items, do one of the following: • If the price list already contains matrix items, click to download the existing matrix items. • If there are no matrix items yet, and the button is greyed out, click the import button and download a template from this page.

4. Download and save the file on your computer.

5. Use Microsoft Excel to add and edit the items in the CSV file and save the file. If using the template, remove the sample data and add your own matrix data.

a) In column A, use the following controls: MATRIX Use this control in the row that contains the name and description of the matrix OPTIONSET Use this control in the rows that contain the different option sets, such as Colour or Size. ITEM Use this control in the rows that contain the information for each available item.

b) In the MATRIX row, enter the matrix name in column B and the matrix description in column C.

c) In each OPTIONSET row, enter the option set name, such as Colour or Size, in column B. Then enter the available options in the next columns of that row.

 d) In each ITEM row, enter the values from each option set that correspond to the catalogue item. For example, enter "Red" in column B and "Large" in column C for a large red shirt. Finish the item row with the matching item ID or leave blank if no item ID is available.

e) If needed, add a second matrix to the file. Add a MATRIX row to define the beginning of the next matrix. No commas are allowed in the import data.

6. Import the edited CSV file:

a) Next to the section to which you want to import the CSV file, click.
b) In the Select Action drop-down list, select if you want to merge or replace the items on the price list. Merging means that the CSV file content makes additions and changes to the current price list, and the items that are not included in the CSV file remain untouched. Replacing means that the imported file overwrites all items on your price list, that is, all previous items are deleted and the items on the CSV file take their place.
c) Click Select File and browse to the edited CSV file.
d) Click Upload.

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