TEM-  Aplication error related to the Kulu table.

Error message:

Application tried to use data that does not exist in the database.
Table Kulu does not have a row that matched the key '0'. Most likely this data has been removed from the database, or the application has been miss-configured.
Please contact your administrator to solve the issue.


When users are trying to create an advance request in TEM, on step 2/4 the following message appears on clicking ``next``.

Cause: As per the error message, it is saying Kulu means Expense is missing kulu_id=0, from expenses in the TEM Admin application.


This message usually comes for the claims which are using expense_id='0', or no expense used.

Message can be changed like, If expenses id 20 is missing from the kulu table, then TEM will show message like, Table Kulu does not have a row that matched the key '20'.

To resolve this type of errors, One would have to check the Expenses from the TEM Admin application or Kulu table from the database.

And need to add that Kulu_Id='20' data in the TEM application database.

Also, same can be done from TEM Admin application->Expense->Expenses.