P2P Purchase - How to - Change order sending method and add additional email recipients


Sometimes the order sending method should be changed from the defaulted one or there should be additional email recipients added.

An example could be the different order types (Normal | Blanket) or product type (Freetext | Marketplace | External webshop) but this is always decided case by case.

For Blanket PO's the only supported order sending method is currently email.



Navigate to Purchase orders tab and select Change sending method from the dropdown list. This will open a dialoque that allows user to change the sending method (if allowed, please see Limitations).

If user selects Other email recipients then it's possible to add more recipients for the order email manually.

Also the Owner of the PO can be added as a recipient with a single click.



It is always allowed to change the sending method from Network to email. Changing (back) from email to Network order is only allowed, if the supplier is set to receive Network orders in P2P admin.

For blanket orders, the email method is selected by default, even if supplier's default method would be Network.

User is not allowed to change the order sending method on purchase order header.


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