Purchase order email not sent to Supplier

What is the issue?

When a user orders an item using Basware purchase (creates a requisition) for a supplier having delivery method 'email' (supplier type is email) and the user does not fill the Purpose in the ordered item and the order is placed without purpose, the order is not sent to the supplier, an email notification is not sent to the supplier

Check this:




This issue will be fixed in Basware P2P 22.5 release.


To Identify the impacted Purchase order, the user can check the Order creation is of May month and the history does not have  ‘Sending purchase order to supplier’.

Or a Professional user can check on the List page if there are any purchase orders with an empty purpose field.

Additional Information:

If there are any further inquiries, please contact Basware Support by filing a standard case with reference to problem BWPB0045527.