Spend plan contact person email address is not updated when changing contact person in AP Pro

What is the issue?

In AP Pro, when a user changed the contact person on a spend plan, the contact person's email address was not updated. The contact person's email address is not shown in the user interface, so end users could not tell that the email address had not been updated - Basware support could only see the issue from the database. 

When a spend plan was activated after changing the contact person, an email was sent to the supplier with contact reference information. The email contained the name of the new contact person but the email address from the old contact person. 


This issue has been fixed in Basware P2P 22.4.1 release.

For all customers with existing spend plans that had incorrect contact email addresses, Basware has also already fixed the email addresses. No further action is required.

Additional Information:

If you have any questions, or if your organization has been affected by this issue and you would like to request a list of the corrected spend plans, please contact Basware Support by filing a standard case with reference to BWPB0045225.

Release Notes: Spend plan contact person email address does not get updated on updating contact person field