Clear Item Prices on Copied Purchase Requisitions


This article describes how to configure whether or item prices are cleared on copied purchase requisition drafts in Basware P2P. 

Make sure:

If you are troubleshooting this behavior, make sure that the purchase requisition you are checking is the new copy:


When a user copies a purchase requisition or purchase order to a new draft, all data from the original document is copied to the new document. However, this can sometimes result in outdated item price information on the new document. 

Therefore, you may want to clear item prices from the new copy by default, so that users can enter updated prices. This behavior is configurable and can be set up by your Basware consultant. 

  1. Go to the Basware Support Portal.
  2. Click Request a service Custom change request.
  3. Fill out the form and click Order now

The tenant setting that controls this behavior is called ClearItemPricesonCopiedPR. It has two valid settings:

When the tenant setting is set to TRUE, the cleared price fields are:

After copying, all other calculated fields on the header and line level display 0.00. Each line shows a validation error only if the price field has been configured to be mandatory. 

The user can edit each line to set the unit price and all calculated price fields will update with the new value.

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