Content Loader v5.9 to Super Content Loader

How do I copy my data from my Content Loader v5.9 to the new Super Content Loader (SCL)?

Typically, you do not need to copy data from Content Loader v5.9 to the new Super Content Loader. You have two other options:

However, if you still want to manually copy the data from Content Loader v5.9 to SCL, carefully follow the instructions below. The columns in the SCL are not in the same position as in v5.9 so below we will provide information on what information goes where. To obtain a copy of the Super Content Loader (SCL) log into your Basware account and follow the below steps:

  1. Click on Product Manager
  2. Click on Loader
  3. Click on Content Loading Templates
  4. Click on "Super Content Loader Excel"
  5. Click on "Latest (1)".

This will start a download to your computer that contains the new SCL. If nothing happens after clicking on Latest (1), ensure you do not have a popup/download blocker running on our website.

For reference please see below the Column headers and their names:

Content Loader v5.9

A - Item ID
B - Item Name
C - Item Type
D - Delivery Item ID
E - Delivery Type
F - Unit of Measure
G - Number in an Order Unit
H - Unit Price
I - Tax Code
J - Minimum Order Quantity
K - Quantity Interval
M - Goods or Service?
N - Long Description
O - Keywords
P - Manufacturer Part Number
Q - Manufacturer Name

Super Content Loader

A - Item ID*
B - Item Name*
C - Long Description*
D - Keywords
E - Name
F - Value
G - Item Type*
H - Item Class*
I - Bundle item
J - Fixed or Linked Quantity
K - Optional
L - Matrix item
M - Delivery Type
N - Delivery Basket Attribute
O - Tax Code
P - Classification type*
Q – Version*
R - Classification code*
S - Delivery Item ID         
T - Unit of Measure
U - Number in an order unit
V - Quantity Interval
W - Manufacturer Name
X - Manufacturer Part Number
Y - Lead time
Z - Comparison UOM
AA - Comparison Scale
AB - Item template
AC - Searchable
AD - Availability
AE - Minimum Order Quantity*
AF - Unit Price*
AG - Price On Request
AH - Image Name / URL
AI - Address        
AJ - Label
AK - Supplier Name
AL - Supplier Code
AM - Email
AN – Preferred

*- Mandatory fields.

When transferring your data from v5.9 to the SCL you will want to copy the columns and paste them into the matching column in the SCL. See below matching columns:

Content Loader v5.9 – Super Content Loader

A – A
B – B
C – G
D – S
E – M
F – T
G – U
H – AF
I – O
J – AE
K – V
L – R
M – H
N – C
O – D
P – X
Q – W

Note: You will need to add data into two columns that you did not have in your older version.

Column P you will need to enter "UNSPSC".
Column Q you will need to add the UNSPSC version you are using. Most commonly used is now 19 or 8.

In the old Content Loader v5.9, the name of the file you uploaded told the system what to call the Price List. In the SCL the name of the file you upload is irrelevant. You will want to click into Cell C2 and enter the name of what you wish the Price List to be called.

Uploading your Super Content Loader

Once you have transferred across your data you will now be able to go ahead and upload your SCL via Loader into Product Manager. To upload your new SCL you can follow the below steps.

Once logged into your account click on Product Manager. On this page you will see an option along the header called Loader. Click into this. On this page you will want to click on the option that says: “Upload Files”.

Graphical user interface, application, TeamsDescription automatically generated

This page will now give you varying options of how you want to upload your SCL. The first option is Mapping. For the method we are using in this guide you will want to select "Super Content Loader Excel". Once you have selected this the below options will be visible on your page:

Source File: Choose the SCL saved on your computer.
Enter an Action: Create new items (this will create a new Price List under the name you listed in cell C2), Merge with existing items (this will add items to any price list that has the same name as what you listed in C2), Replace existing items (this will replace any content on a price list that has the same name as what you listed in cell C2).
Output Type: Products and Price List (the most common upload, this will add your items to the Item Directory and create a Price List with your items and prices linked). Import items only (rarely used, this will add your items to the item directory but will not create a Price List).
Language: Choose the language of your upload.
Classification: Select the version of the UNSPSC you opted for in your SCL. Most commonly 19 or 8.
Currency: Select the currency you wish to upload this SCL in.

Once you have done all this you should have a screen that looks similar to the below and you can now go ahead and click on Upload.

Graphical user interface, text, applicationDescription automatically generated

Once you have clicked on Upload, the system will take you to your Uploads page. The upload you just started will go to the top of the page and once completed it will either go RED to say there is an issue with the content or GREEN to say it has completed successfully. On either colour you will need to click on View.

If RED: the system will show you your data and will highlight any problems in red. You must now go back into your SCL and correct those issues. Once corrected, open the page you were just on and click on "Cancel". You will then need to complete the upload process again until it goes Green. Then follow the below.

If GREEN: the system will show you your data and there will be a blue option that says Commit. Once you click on Commit, your upload will be processed through the system and you will have your upload converted into a Price List.

For more assistance, log a case from the Basware support portal.