Basware Network - Certificate update on


The certificate for BT (* (Basware Business Transactions) will be updated on the 19th of March 2022.


This means that all  connections to/from BT ( where the sender/receiver expects the current certificate to be used will fail. To avoid this, the customer has to update the attached certificate before 19th of March 2022.

New Certificate

New Certificate

New Certificate

If there are any further inquires please contact Basware Support by filing a standard case in reference to this Planned Service Maintenance: BWPB0045118.

General FAQ:

1) Are P2P Service impacted?

No, only the customers who are receiving invoices on their FTPS server or HTTPS server need to install this certificate

2) How and where to install this certificate?

This certificate is to be installed on FTPS server or HTTPS server. The customer can contact there local IT for the assistance as Basware will not be able to assist for their receiver servers/system.

4) Does this certificate need to be installed for Test BT?

Yes, this certificate is for both test and production environments.