How to access scanning service follow-up incidents?

The customer is expected to provide feedback on the data capturing service capturing errors. The purpose is to monitor data capture quality on an ongoing basis. Several human validators check each business document (typically an invoice) before the document is released from the data capture service. Additionally, there could be mapping done on the machine-readable PDF files, which need fine-tuning.

Basware and the data capture service feedback team will follow up on reported errors if the 1st round of analysis relieves that the reported error is not a capturing error. Typically, Basware needs to educate the end-user (customer side) and give a guideline on what needs to be changed in the data capturing rules in case the captured value needs to be other than what has been captured. For example, the invoice number is on the invoice, but the keyword in front of the invoice number is not part of the keyword list.

These follow-up incidents are created by the category and opened by the data capture service feedback team. The 2nd analysis is done by the production team, which has broader access to different services such as Network and P2P, and they will publish the findings to the person who opened the feedback case.

After login, the incident module is visible in Basware's support portal (ServiceNow). The easiest way is to click "My items" on the top navigation ribbon -> A drop-down menu opens -> Click "View all items" -> The incidents module is under the Support items and Change requests module.