How do I send a PDF e-invoice to my customer?


How do I send a PDF e-invoice to my customer or what steps should I take to send PDF e-Invoices to my customers?


Before you can start sending e-invoices to your customers with Basware PDF e-Invoice service, you need to:


Please make sure that the email address you use for sending PDF invoices is registered and confirmed before sending the first invoice (a confirmation email is sent to that Inbox when it is added during the registration process, to ensure the ownership of that email address). You can later add or remove up to 200 email addresses for sending PDF invoices.

Basware will notify you by email when the first email has been delivered to your customer successfully. The first PDF-invoice can take a few business days to be mapped and delivered to the customer. No further confirmation emails will be sent unless there are delivery problems with the invoices.

For the PDF e-invoice service to work, the invoices that you send in must have the same layout as the first invoice.