Data capture services reason for rejection messages


Below are listed standard error messages if Basware cannot further process a PDF file sent to the data capture service via email. Basware has different data capture services, such as SmartPDF, PDF e-invoice, and scanning services. Additional error messages can be printed to the rejection notification email.

The business document sender will be notified if there is an error while processing the PDF file.

The short guideline; there should not be any warning pop-ups if the PDF is opened on, for example, Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Error Messages:

00 - Email not configured
The recipient's email address is not found in Basware's system. Please check that you have used a valid email address.

01 - Merge/Split/Jumble issue
The text on the PDF file is no longer in a readable format.

02 - White/Black/Tilted/Secured PDF image
The PDF file does not meet the service requirements.

03 - Low dpi
For image-based PDF files (scanned PDF files), the image's resolution must be 300 dpi (or higher); preference for PDF text-based documents will improve the quality of the captured data in delivered documents.

06 - Old PDF version
PDF version should be 1.4 or higher.

08 - PDF corrupted
The received PDF file cannot be opened as the file is damaged.

10 - Unit closed
The email address is no longer valid. Please check with your customer to have an updated invoicing instruction guide.

13 - Test file
The document has been rejected because it has been identified as a test file. Please request a separate test email address for any testing purposes from your customer.

Additional Information:

If you need any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact Basware's support via the contact form. When creating the support request, please copy-paste the content of the received email notification. If you miss the email notification, please inform us from which email address you sent the invoice, the PDF file's filename, and the time you sent the email.