NETWORK - Data capturing services - Keywords used in data capturing services


In the data capturing service, the customer maintains the list of keywords that are used to capture values from the business documents. This list of keywords is embedded in the customer’s SVG/DCG and is known as the Customer Keyword Guide (CKG).

Customer maintained keywords: Customer Keyword Guide (CKG)

The Customer Keyword Guide (CKG) is created and shared with Basware by the customer. Basware does have a list of keywords that are commonly used to capture the standard fields for all supported languages. This is known as the Master Keyword Template (MKT) and is shared with the customer to help them create their own custom keyword list (CKG). The CKG should follow the same format as the MKT. However, the customer is free to add any custom fields and corresponding keywords in the CKG. The customer has full control over the keywords and their priorities.

Basware will also assist the customer with the maintenance of the CKG. Periodically, Basware will propose modifications to the CKG through the feedback analysis process. If the customer agrees with the proposal, then the customer can accordingly submit a keyword addition/removal/modification request to Basware Support to modify the CKG.


Basware maintained keywords (Decommissioned): Master Keyword Guide (MKG)

Earlier, customers also had the option to choose MKG in their scanning service instead of their own keywords list (CKG). MKG is a list of common keywords for all supported languages that are globally used to capture the standard invoice fields in the S&C setup. Basware is responsible for maintaining this keyword list and to add/modify the keywords as per current global standards. However, MKG has its own limitations and has been decommissioned. It is no longer offered to the customers.

MKG is no longer a viable option because it has reached its maturity and gone through negligible modifications in the past years. The limitation of the MKG is that customer specific keywords cannot be added as it is a shared list and only those keywords which are applicable to all other customers using the same language can exist in the MKG. The MKG does not support the implementation of custom invoice fields.

What happens to customer projects that are still using the MKG?

Basware will continue to support existing customers using the MKG. However, we encourage them to switch to CKG as soon as possible. Moving over to CKG will have the following advantages:   

Switching to CKG won’t require much effort from the customer side, and the keywords from the current MKG and keywords available in the SVG/DCG would be copied to create a project-specific CKG. The CKG Excel workbook will then be loaded to the S&C/SmartPDF project dictionary, replacing the MKG, and will be added to the SVG as an embedded file. You need to submit a request with Basware Support to switch from using MKG to CKG.