How to monitor incoming emailed invoices?

All Basware customers with e-invoice receiving with one or more data capturing services can monitor incoming invoices in the Basware Portal (

When the supplier uses email to send their invoice, the email will first appear in the Basware Portal's "Documents" tab. The data capturing service will fetch the PDF file from the Portal and return the captured data (XML file) to the document page.

Basware Scan & Capture BSCS and SmartPDF email services are open 24/7. The human validation team process documents every business day, 24/5. The 24/5 model means validation happens on two to three shifts every business day, excluding local public holidays. An emailed invoice is processed faster than a paper invoice as it arrives at the workflow directly—the automated capturing process on the SmartPDF's Gateway side processes documents 24/7.

Additionally, the emailed invoice can be traced in the Basware Portal, and users can monitor the validation process with the following steps.

How to monitor emailed invoices:

  1. Log into Basware Portal at
  2. After landing on the Homepage, go to the Documents tab.
  3. On the Documents tab, click the blue arrow box to open up the "Advanced Search" pop-up window.
  4. In the Last Updated, remove the "From" date and select a day earlier date to the "To" field, and click "Search."
    1. Human validation takes around 24 hrs, and this search criterion excludes recently received invoices.
  5. Click "Last Updated" to sort the oldest to the top.
  6. Click "Status" and select "Delivery in progress."
    1. The search results are invoices received in the Basware Network but not yet delivered to your invoice processing system, for example, Basware Alusta P2P.
  7. The list has different types of documents:

    1. These two types are pending scanning services:
      1. Machine Readable Document
        1. The document is a PDF that is computer generated.
          1. These qualify for improved services such as PDF e-invoice and SmartPDF.
      2. Undetected
        1. The document is a PDF that is, for example, a scanned paper to a PDF file.
          1. These must be processed at the traditional scanning service by using OCR technology.
    2. Additional scanned documents and types:
      1. Scanned Other Document NON_INVOICE
        1. The document is sent to the data capture service but does not qualify as an invoice or credit note, released as another document type.
      2. Invoice NON_INVOICE
        1. The document is sent to the data capture scanning service but does not qualify as an invoice or credit note, released as invoice type.
    3. These are either processed scanned invoices or real e-invoices:
      1. Invoice [12345678]
      2. Credit note [12345678]