P2P - IP - How to add VAT Codes in Basware IP Application manually.


In this Article we will learn about how to add ‘Vat codes’ in Basware IP application manually.


  1. Open Basware IP Application with Admin user rights.

  2. Go to System Management > Data Management > Vat Codes.

  3. After Clicking on Vat Codes. You will get data about all the Vat codes.
  4. Now, click on ‘Add’ button right above corner of the window. You will get below screen.

  5. Here you can add all your required information.

In case If ‘Company Code’ drop down menu is disabled, then please make sure whether you have already configured a parameter name: VATBYCOMPANIES= TRUE.  

You can get all parameter information from IP Admin application->Configuration->Parameters. If not added, then please add that.

Important Information: Parameter name: VATBYCOMPANIES, will allow user to use VAT codes according to company numbers.