Service update required


Scan and Capture business documents are validated by referring to the Scan and Capture Specification and Validation Guide (SVG) or newer Data Capture Guide (DCG). This reference document, which contains the details and rules specified by the customer, is maintained by Basware with the customer’s support. As part of the setup, there is also a list of keywords defined in order to detect and capture the field values from the image. Keywords basically contain words and phrases to assist with the identification of data items on invoices.

If delivered business documents have missing or incorrect data that can be prevented by updating the current setup and rules you have in place for the Scan and Capture service, Basware is detailing the proposed changes and is requesting you to review and approve or reject the implementation of such a service update request. As part of continuous improvement actions in the scanning service, Basware will now as of July 1st, 2021 to modify keywords directly in case the feedback team is confident that the keyword can be added/modified/removed. The follow-up incident is created when this task is done to advise you for this modification. You can always reject the keyword modification by commenting on the follow-up incident.


In the invoice image, supplier has provided "IN NR 12345" and the value "12345" was expected to be captured as the invoice number. However, "IN NR" is not added as a keyword for the "Invoice number" field.

Customer actions

The proposed service update is first investigated in greater detail by the Basware technical team. A complete description of the proposed service update will then be provided by Basware to you for commenting. In case you agree with the modification then simply state to the incident that the change is fine. These service updates are implemented free of charge.

Basware actions

We have opened a separate incident in our ticketing system to further follow up on the service update request. We will contact you through the incident for further discussions.

How can I ask questions or raise suggestions?

If there are any further inquiries related to the "Service Update required" finding or if you have suggestions, we welcome your feedback. Please contact Basware Support by filing the following support case.

For a comprehensive summary of the renewed quality feedback process and the selected improvements that have been applied please review the Scan and Capture Feedback Analysis Process Article.