IP - How To Manually execute an iFace task and check task scheduling


How to manually execute an iFace task and check task scheduling.


iFace configuration tool:

Restarting tasks:

If you need to manually execute a task, it's done as follows. Please note that you can see the next scheduled execution in the "Estimated next execution"

Sometimes it happens that a task in iFace is hanging, which means it's stuck in the yellow status. In these cases the task is also executed as below, but the status on the task needs to be reset first. Please see point 2.

  1. Stop iFace
  2. Mark the task you wish to execute. If the task is hanging in the yellow state, right click on the task and choose "Reset status". The status will go back to green.
  3. Press the "Execute" button. The task status should now turn yellow.
  4. Once the task has completed, it should either turn green or red. Note that sometimes it takes some time for a task to complete, depending on the amount of data that needs to be processed.
  5. If the task turns green, everything should be OK. If it turns red, an error message should show in the "Last execution Message" column, which indicates why the task was not successfully run.
    This error message is needed by Basware Service desk if you need to report the error. Most tasks also have available logfiles, usually in the anyERP\Logfiles folder on the application server. (Please note that this location may vary depending on your set up!) These should also be provided to Basware service desk for troubleshooting. The logfile is named the same as the task in iFace, and has the same timestamp as in the "Last exection" column.

Check the scheduling of a task:

If you want to see the scheduling of a task in iFace this can be viewed from the "view" settings on the task. Note that iFace does not need to be stopped to view this, but it needs to be stopped in order to change the scheduling.

Please note that if iFace is stopped, the "View" button is called "Edit", as you then can change the settings on the task.



IFace –ajon uudelleen käynnistäminen

  1. Avaa IFace Configuration Tool –ohjelma.
  2. Paina ikkunan alareunasta Stop-painiketta.
  3. Kun palvelu on Stopped-tilassa, vasemman laidan Task functions –ryhmän painikkeet aktivoituvat.
  4. Valitse Tasks-listalta oikea ajo (jolloin sen riville tulee ensimmäiseen sarakkeeseen ruksi).
  5. Paina Execute-painiketta Task Functions –ryhmästä, jolloin ajo suoritetaan.
  6. Kun ajon ’liikennevalo’ näyttää taas vihreää, se on suoritettu onnistuneesti.
  7. Käynnistä lopuksi IFace-palvelu ikkunan alareunasta Start-painikkeella.
  8. Tämän jälkeen voit sulkea ohjelman Exit-painikkeella.