Basware Portal - Activating the PDF e-Invoice sending application


Here are the steps to activate the PDF e-Invoice sending application. These steps can also be used to troubleshoot if the application is active and the emails and setup is correct.


An application that is not active looks like the icon bellow:


It does not have the green tick like this one:

After you click on it, you need to add the email addresses that will send invoices. Please click the "+" button in order to add them.

Here you can find an article on how to confirm the emails.

Also we can see that there are some company details that are missing and need to be filled in, in order to activate the application.


All mandatory fields are marked with "*".

As you can see bellow, if all the information is filled in correctly, the Activate button is blue.

After you click the activate button the application should look like this.

In order to start sending documents, the emails registered for sending should all be Confirmed.

Also you can see bellow in the green ribbon that the Service is active.