Invoice to Cash introduction

Basware's Invoice to Cash service introduction

What is it about?

All sales invoices can be sent via Basware and distributed to the recipient with the best available option. Basware is now offering a service where the recipient can choose to pay the invoice with main credit cards (e.g. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal). This gives a better user experience for both parties.
Sender: Deliver all your invoices via the same gateway
Receiver: Invoice is paid easier electronically, and the actual payment comes with the credit card bill
The invoice is sent to the recipient from Basware via email, and it will contain a payment options link. This service is excellent to offer for small businesses and consumers. They can pay with their personal credit cards, and earn air mileage, for example. This is one good example of how to earn points (customer) and get paid faster (supplier).
The invoice can be paid quickly to the sender, and the recipient is actually paying the invoice via a credit card invoice. This way, customers can enjoy extended payments using the credit card plan. Also might get other benefits depending on the credit card.
CASE: Company has a majority of the business done between different companies, but they do have a small portion of a consumer as customers. They want to send consumer invoices also via Basware to track and trace the invoices quickly from one place. Maintaining good cash flow with invoices sent by paper and email has been difficult. Invoices sent via email go straight to the consumer's phone. The consumer can then easily pay the invoice by using their credit card. This reduces the different invoices and due dates, as all invoices can be placed under a few bills. Small invoices paid earlier during the month can be paid completely with a credit card and earn points.