Send Feedback Report from IP


How to Send Feedback Report from IP.


Generating the Scan & Capture feedback report from IP

We enhance and improve the OCR automatic identification and field extraction quality based on the feedback we get from our customers. Without any feedback we cannot recognize our weakness or scope of improvement in the Scan & Capture service.

Marking the scan-errors

In the invoice’s Basic data tab select an error code for Scan Service ID –field. There are predefined scan errors and error codes.

Choose the Errorcode which best describes the actual scan error. Comment -field can be used to write any free text comments which can better describe the scan error or scenario.

Generating the report

Users can check the report of all invoices marked with error-status (=invoice has been set Scan Service ID) from IP Monitor and Queries –tab. Select the predefined query for SE Report.

Example view is shown below:

Users can save the report from the diskette –icon. It is good to use “Feedback Report” as filename and include the current date as well to the report name.

Sending the report

Submit a new case with Basware Support and attach this feedback report. Basware ServiceNow contact form.