Send Feedback Report from Alusta


Send Feedback Report from Alusta.


Generating the Scan&Capture feedback report from Alusta

We develop scan service automatic identification and scan quality based on the feedback we got from our customer. Without any feedback, we cannot recognize weakness in the scan service.

Marking the scan errors

In invoice’s Header data tab set error code to “Scan Report Code” –field. Open the error code selection list from the button next to this field and select the correct code from the list and press OK. You may also add free-text comment to “Scanservice comment” – field which can provide more details of the error.

Generating the report

Normally separate scheduled task exists which generates this report once a week and sends it to Basware support team. The report includes all those invoices where Scan Report Code –field is selected.

The user who has rights to Administrator site can generate the report manually as well. From Menu select Scheduler – Tasks. Usually, this task is named SC Run Scanning issue Report. Select correct task and press Execute. The task generates the feedback report and sends it to Basware support.

In both cases a corresponding case gets generated in ServiceNow portal and Basware Support will share the analyzed report back through this case (ticket).