BT Service Alerts: Problem with SMP lookup

What is the issue?

This error notification email is sent out if we are unable to deliver a business document to a recipient in PEPPOL. The reason for the rejection is that the recipient does not support the type of document we are trying to deliver. The documents that can be delivered is part of the recipient's PEPPOL registration, like ELMA.

Service: BT, E-invoice for Sending, PEPPOL, Integrated solution (BTS, FTP etc.)

Error Message: We are unable to deliver the document to the recipient’s access point. This is because the recipient’s registration in ELMA (PEPPOL) does not support the document type we are trying to deliver.


Please contact the recipient and ask them to update their PEPPOL registration to support the most common profiles (BII04, BIIXX, BII05) for the relevant PEPPOL e-invoice (XML) formats (PEPPOL BIS, EHF).

If you need further help please contact your local service desk and provide the following information: Error email content.

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