How do I check if the PDF is machine-readable?


How do I check if the PDF is machine-readable or how can I create a machine-readable PDF?


The data must be in a format that can be extracted and easily processed by a computer. This means that the invoices cannot be hand-written, scanned or contain the information in image format.

How can I check check if the PDF data is machine-readable:

  1. Open the invoice you created
  2. Select one or more lines of invoice data using you mouse (or all the information by pressing ctrl + A)
  3. Copy the invoice data to the clipboard
  4. Paste the invoice data into a word processing software, for example Word, Excel or NotePad

How do I create machine-readable PDFs?

There are multiple different ways to create a machine-readable PDF invoice. Some of these are:

More information about how to create a machine-readable PDF eInvoice is available in this guide.