What happens if I check the "Remember me on this PC" box?


You can remember your username if you want to.

Additional Information:

If you check the “Remember me on this PC” box on the Bizmail ONEway login page, you will be automatically logged in each time you access your Bizmail ONEway account.
This will make Bizmail easier to use.

When you check the box and log in, Bizmail ONEway places a persistent cookie on your PC, which allows Bizmail to recognise your computer on future visits.
As long as you don’t log out (logging out will delete the cookie), you don’t need to re-enter your username and password.
To end your session, simply close your browser.

- The “Remember me on this PC” feature can be used for only one Bizmail ONEway account.
- To keep your Bizmail ONEway account secure, the “Remember me” feature should not be used on public, shared or unsecured workstations.