Basware Pay - Supplier paid earlier. Buyer pays later.

Basware Pay extends the value of the Basware Network by providing a seamless, easy to deploy global payment solution. Provided in collaboration with our global payments partner, Mastercard, it offers buyers the ability to quickly and reliably pay suppliers using the Mastercard Network without the need for them to be traditional card accepters. 

How does Basware Pay work?

Basware Pay revolutionizes the principles of traditional automated payments: The funding for your payment program is provided by your chosen issuing bank.

Your bank will provide you with payment terms (in many cases these will be similar or equal to your current terms for your existing corporate card program if you have one) and in certain cases may provide a rebate based on the new business that you will introduce to them.

To take an early payment, suppliers will have to accept a small discount on the gross invoice value, but they will be paid earlier than they would have been through your standard payment process (funds into supplier account maximum 3 days from payment approval). They will also gain greater visibility to receivables and easy remittance reconciliation.

Early payment is triggered by approving an invoice in the normal way and once this is done, Basware will receive a notification message from your AP system requesting a payment to be made. Basware will process the payment information utilizing Mastercard’s global payment network, through Basware partners ensuring your suppliers are paid as quickly as possible after invoice approval.

Payments are based on secure virtual card technology that enables high security and smooth transactions using a unique virtual account number which is issued for each transaction.

Basware is on hand to support with supplier on-boarding. Dedicated processes, tools and resources are available to ensure smooth and timely supplier on-boarding.

Benefits for Buyers


Benefits for Suppliers

To get started with Basware Pay, please contact us to analyse your current payment processes and supplier base in order to calculate a valuable business case for you. 

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Frequently asked questions:


For whom is the solution ideal?

A: Large buyer, long payment terms, mature P2P tools and processes with multitude of suppliers for indirect spend, significant amount of channelled purchases.

Does the solution help me onboard more suppliers to e-invoicing?

It is a great extension to an existing AP solution that allows suppliers to be paid early. Guaranteed early payments encourage suppliers to shift over to e-invoicing.

How does this solution fit in with my other payment solutions?

The solution complements your existing payment solutions and ideally adds process efficiencies for example eliminating checks. It not only complements but to an extend replaces or reengineers existing payment solutions/processes.

How much does a buyer pay for the service?

1) Implementation fee: To be evaluated case by case with consulting and product management.

2) Supplier onboarding according to Supplier Activation prices.

3) No monthly fees to neither buyer nor supplier.

Can my supplier use the Basware PAY regardless of the invoice format (paper / pdf / key-in / xml)?

Yes. The pre-requisite is that Basware Network delivers the supplier’s invoices to the buyer with any of the methods above. True e-invoices are preferred.

I have multiple ERP systems. Can they all be integrated into the solution?

Yes. The solution is back-end system agnostic and Basware has so far successfully integrated into over 200 different ERP’s.

What is the technical impact of implementing this solution?

1) Small change to the AP system-ERP interface

2) Small change in the ERP system

3) New payment method for Virtual Account payments. (See more details in the solution description document.)

How long does the implementation take?

Bank agreements and approval likely will take the longest. Technical implementation is only a few days.

How does the remittance information in your system differ from that in an ACH payment?

Payment information includes full descriptive information including invoice reference for easy reconciliation. Transaction activity can be accessed, monitored and transferred at any given time for improved management.

How does your solution provide remittance information to the supplier – does reconciliation happen automatically?

The payment data is provided to Basware portal for the supplier. The supplier would download the data and reconcile the outstanding receivables.

How does the ERP recognize an invoice as a PAY invoice?

All invoices that are PAY enabled will have method of payment showing that it will be processed through the PAY service. This will determine whether the invoice should be paid normally.

How is a credit note handled?

Credit notes are handled the same way as before the PAY service was activated.

How will you onboard my suppliers?

A: Basware and the buyer will together segment the suppliers based on their relevance and potential. Basware will reach out to the suppliers by either email, phone or letter, and guide them through the on-boarding process.

Can we onboard suppliers cross borders?


Do we need to onboard all our suppliers?

No, you can select which suppliers you wish to invite to the PAY service. Once the supplier is activated, all invoices from that supplier will go through the PAY service.

What happens when a supplier says yes?

They will be instructed to follow the invitation email link and conclude the required steps in the Basware portal supplier onboarding process.

How much will my supplier pay for the service?

Every merchant / supplier in the world accepting credit card / VA payments is subject to a merchant fee, which is typically between 1-2 % of the invoice amount.