Buyer Guide - Adding an Approval Scheme to an Agreement in Product Manager

Adding an Approval Scheme to an Agreement

Once you have created an Approval Scheme this can be attached to an Agreement. This is done from the Agreement itself. Navigate to your Agreement Directory from Product Manager:

Search for the required Agreement. Click the ‘Manage’ icon as shown below:

The will load the Manage Agreement page. Every Agreement will automatically be assigned the ‘Default Approval Scheme’ until you allocate a custom scheme to the Agreement.

Select the ‘Manage’ icon in the Approval section to navigate to your Approval Scheme Directory:


To add the scheme to your Agreement, click the ‘+’ icon against the required Scheme. The Scheme selected will then display a ‘tick’ to indicate it has been selected and the number of Agreements it is associated to will increase by one. You will see the Default Approval Scheme already selected.

NOTE: You are unable to view or change the Approval Scheme if the Agreement is ‘Awaiting Approval’. You will clearly see the status of the Agreement as shown below:

In this case, selecting the ‘Manage’ icon will take you to the Agreement Item Details page to approve or reject the changes.

Once the Agreement has been approved or rejected, you will be able to access the Scheme and make changes to it or change the scheme assigned to the Agreement.