Supplier Guide - Agreements Directory in Product Manager

Agreements summary


An Agreement in Product Manager pulls together all the things that enable you and a buyer to review, approve and publish content to the Marketplace

To access your Agreements, click the Product Manager tab and then click Agreements:



Buyers can create three types of agreements:

    • Standard Agreement: Buyers share your products within their organisation only.
    • Punchout Agreement: An agreement for items on your website that the buyers will punchout to. This is not sharable outside of the buyer’s organisation.

As agreements are created, approved, published and updated they go through the following states:

    • New: new agreements from buyers.
    • Awaiting Response: agreements waiting for you to add content (including New ones) and send it to the buyer.
    • Awaiting Price Approval: agreements that have been sent back to the buyer for them to review & approve.
    • Expiring Soon: agreements that will expire within the next thirty days.
    • Expired: agreements that have expired.
    • Active: approved agreements that are with the buyer. An active agreement may have content in the Marketplace or the content may have expired.

The above states and the agreement types are also filters on the Agreement Directory so you can quickly filter and find the agreement you need. In the Agreements section you can:

    • Find and view your customers’ agreements.
    • Add or update price lists and send them to buyers.
    • View the history of updates to the agreements.

Agreements directory



  1. Search for agreements using the agreement name or the information from the buyer.
  2. Your search results can be sorted by:
    1. Relevance
    2. Name
    3. Agreement Owner
    4. Start Date
    5. Expiry Date
    6. Last Modified
  3. You can view between 25 and 100 items per page.
  4. You can apply the following filters to the agreements:
    1. Filter by type of agreement, Standard, Punchout or Shared
    2. Filter by the state of the agreement

                  i. New

                  ii. Awaiting Response

                  iii. Awaiting Price Approval

                  iv. Expiring Soon

                  v. Expired

                  vi. Active

    1. Clicking “All” removes all the filters
  1. The search results show the agreement name in large blue text, then the following fields:
    1. Buyer name
    2. Agreement Status
    3. When the agreement was Last Modified
    4. The Start and Expiry Dates of the agreement
    5. Information from the buyer about the agreement
  2. To view all the information about the agreement, and to manage your price lists on it, click the  button.