Supplier Guide - Bundles in Product Manager


Simple bundles allow you to group mandatory items together in the Marketplace so when the customer adds the ‘master’ item to the shopping basket all the items are added to the order. You can link up to 5 items to a ‘master.’

Note: that all items in a bundle must be in the same price list as the master item.

To add bundles to a price list or edit them, navigate to the list’s Manager Price List page:
a) Click Product Manager
b) Price Lists
c) Find the price list in the Price List Directory
d) Click the Price List name or button to access the Manage Price List page (below)



1. Click the ‘Export’ button to download a bundle template.

2. Alternatively, click the ‘Import’ button and from the Import Simple Bundles page click the template link in the help panel. If the Price List already has bundled items linked it will download the bundled items information in the CSV file. Make changes to the CSV. A sample Bundled items CSV file is shown below:



4. Import the CSV. On the Manage Price List page click the Import button.

5. On the Import Simple Bundle Links page:
   a. Click the ‘Select File’ button and browse to where your CSV file has been saved.
   b. Open the file then click the ‘Upload’ button

Super Content Loader Bundles


You can also load bundles using the Super Content Loader form. 

a. Column I - 'Bundle item'

If this item is the bundle master, enter the item IDs of the items within the bundle. One item ID per row.


b. Column J - 'Fixed or Linked Quantity'

Whether the quantity of the bundle item is Fixed (F) or Linked (L) to the bundle master. The setting here applies to the item listed in the bundle items column, not the bundle master.  
Fixed: the quantity of the item does not change when the buyer orders multiple bundles. 
Linked: the quantity of the item is linked to the quantity of the master item. 
For example, Bundle A has two items - one Fixed and one Linked. If the buyer orders 5 bundles, the fixed item will be purchased only once and the linked item will be purchased 5 times.


c. Column K - 'Optional'

Whether the bundle item is an optional part of the bundle (Y) or required (N). The setting here applies to the item listed in the bundle items column, not the bundle master.