Basware Message: First time installation


If you are going to install Basware Message for the first time, you will have to choose if it will be a client or server installation. 


The differences between the 2 installation types are:

Also, there are 2 versions of Basware Message: LE versions (that start with 1.0.x and offer limited options and controls) and "full" versions (that range from 2.0.x to the latest 3.0.9 and you will have the option to select exactly what kind of files you can send and if these require additional formatting like page or invoice splitting or custom conversions).


To download the latest version of Basware Message, please use our dedicated page: Basware Message Download

After choosing the solution that best suits you, please download and use the steps from the attached manuals:

Basware Message LE

Basware Message