Layout Change

What is the issue?

You have received a rejection message regarding a changed document layout or an unknown language


you want to change your existing document layout, for example due to the use of a new ERP system.


A change of the document layout should always be announced in advance, as an automatic data processing is not possible otherwise.

The document cannot be processed and will therefore be rejected.

Changes are chargeable if an (untested) layout adjustment is needed. Generally the active working hours costs 500 € (for 6 work hours) and for every new hour 120 €, additional VAT.

Unfortunately it is not possible to provide a precise cost estimation in advance. For larger or more extensive changes – if necessary - we will provide an estimation of the needed effort.

To require a mapping adjustment, kindly provide us your confirmation and for every document type at least 2 test invoices with the new layout, sent as usual to the system.

A ticket will be generated in our system and the reference number will be provided automatically to you via email.

Please always indicate the ticket number in the subject of your emails for inquiries related to your layout change request.