Delivery / Performance Date is Missing

  The delivery / performance date is missing.

   The delivery / performance date is missing from your document or is not marked with a clear anchor word (for example, "Delivery date").

Please note the following:

   - Do not specify calendar weeks or quarters. These can not be processed electronically.
   - Please pay attention that the date information is complete, if a month is printed / added, the year must also be printed / added. A single year can not be processed.

   For example, you can specify the delivery date, delivery month or delivery period as follows:

   Delivery date: "01.01.2016"
   Delivery month: "January 2016" or "01/2016"
   Delivery period: "January 2016 to February 2016" or "01.01.2016 to 01.02.2016" or "01/2016 to 02/2016"

   - Please note that month data within the delivery period will be converted into date values. For example, April 2016 will be interpreted as 30.04.2007. Date values that are in the future compared to the invoice date are not allowed.
   - Please always pay attention to the corresponding label / anchor word of the information (e.g. "Delivery Date" for a date value - ''01.01.2007'', "Delivery Month" for a month - ''May 2007'', "Delivery Period" for a periodic time specification - ''01.01.2007 to 01.02.2007''.

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