Data format: Common questions


If you wish to send or are already sending documents to Basware, please note that your files must be formatted in a specific way.

Below are the most common questions about the data format.


Question 1:

Which is the correct orientation of a document?

Please print your files as shown below.

Question 2:

How can I quickly verify that my PDFs can be read by the Basware server?

To check whether your PDFs are valid or not, simply open your PDF files and select the text inside. If you can now copy and paste it into a text editor (for example: notepad) and the text is visible, then everything should be all right with this PDF-file;

If the text is not readable, then there are the fonts missing in the PDF file. This means that the document cannot be processed if sent to our server.

For more information please check our guide for embedding the fonts into your PDF file: Embedded Fonts.

If the document has been scanned, you cannot select and copy the text. Scanned documents are just pictures and cannot be processed.

Question 3:

Which file formats can be sent?

Our system accepts these file formats:

Graphic documents:

Structured file format:

File content:

Question 4:

Is it possible to send attachments with your documents?

These formats are accepted as separate attachments for a document: