Date of delivery missing


Delivery Date is missing


The delivery date is missing from your document or is not marked using an explicit keyword (e.g. "date of performance"). Please note following points when indicating this information:

  • do not give any calendar weeks or quarterly financial information. This can not be electronically processed.
  • please pay attention to completeness of the information (if you specify a month there should also a year be in place! A single year number cannot be processed)

You can specify the delivery date, delivery month or delivery period, for example as follows:

Delivery: "01.01.2007"

Delivery month: "January 2007:" or  "01/2007"

Delivery period: "January 2007-February 2007" or "01.01.2007 untill 01.02.2007" or "01/2007 until 02/2007"

  • please note that that months should be converted by our system into dates. For example April 2007 is seen as 30/04/2007. Date values which are in the future are not allowed
  • please always pay attention when indicating the information (eg, "delivery date" for a date value (01/01/2007), "delivery month" for a month (May 2007), "Delivery period" when indicating a period of time (01.01.2007 to 01.02.2007)