PM Admin Crashes on startup



PM Admin does not open, after welcome screen nothing happens and PM admin gets crashed.



This is a common issue, following steps can be checked:

1.    Check whether the mime types .log and .ini are added to Bwroot virtual directory in IIS (Screenshots IIS1.Jpg and IIS2.Jpg).

a.    Open IIS (type inetmgr on Windows Run... and click Ok).

b.    Under Sites –> Default web site, Select Bwroot

c.     Double click on the Mime types and check if .log and .ini are available or not.

                                       i.    If these are not available add them by clicking 'Add..' button.

                                      ii.    Under File name add .log and under MIME type add application/Basware and click Ok.

                                     iii.    Now add .ini same as above just replace .log with .ini in step ii.

d.    Reset IIS by opening command prompt as administrator and type IISRESET and press enter.


2.    If the above does not solve the issue then check whether the date modified of 'PMAdminW.exe' on the workstation is same as of 'PMadminW.exe' under the path ...\Basware\Shared\ on the server or whether PMAdminW.exe exist on the workstation or not.

a.    If this is the situation then copy PMAdminW.exe from the Server (....\Basware\Shared\) to the workstation.