IP - Creating a new catalog in Catalog Feeder


How to add a new catalog in Catalog Feeder


  1. Open ‘Products’ tab and select ‘Import’. Click ‘Next’.
  2. Select ‘Update and add’.
  3. Select ’Delimited’ and set ’Start import at row’ value to ’2’.
  4. Select ‘Semicolon’ and change the ‘Text qualifier’ to (none).
  5. Map the imported fields to the product data fields. Select the correct target fields for the imported data from to drop down menu.

  6. Click next in the ‘Configure default values’ tab.
  7. To start the import, click ‘Finish’ and then click ‘Close’.
  8. Open the Catalogs tab and fill in the information with the asterisk (*).
  9. Open the ‘Catalog Contents’ tab and click the ‘Add’ button to open the ‘Add products to the catalog’ tab.
  10. Select the correct Import ID and select the products and press OK.
  11. Click ‘Copy for Customer’ and select the customer.
  12. Click ‘Export’, ‘OK’ and ‘Yes’ to confirm catalog export. The catalog has been created and it can be found in the catalog folder. To open the catalog folder, click the ‘Catalog Folder’ button.