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Licenses can be assigned for the Matching application in two ways:


1) IP 5.1.3 / Matching 5.5.3 or Newer :-

IP Admin allows adding licenses for Matching if USEIPLICENCE parameter in Matching Admin is set to value ‘true’.




2) IP 5.1.2 / Matching 5.5.2 or Older :-

User licenses are maintained in application called BasWareVAMLicenseU.exe on the server (default location is C:\Program Files\BasWare\VAM License Admin). Licenses can be added for CM or OM or both.




Who has access to system settings in Matching Admin?

- Matching Admin -> System Settings -> Data Management -> System Administrators

- Click “New” if you want to add a user as administrator



So if user needs to be an administrator, both actions above needs to be done.

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