IP ThinClient - Error: 'Invoice Status has been changed, Please refresh the invoice list' (2)

What is the issue?

When accessing Thinclient the user gets an error stating "Invoice status has changed, please refresh your invoice list". The user either has invoices, or has no invoices at all to process in ThinClient.
When pressing OK on the error message, it is displayed again and again or the browser just crashes.


This usually happens when the user accesses ThinClient from a bookmark. Try typing the address for ThinClient directly into the browser and see if this resolves the error. If it does, create the bookmark again by typing the ThinClient address directly into the bookmark link instead of bookmarking the page.

The reason for this is that if the user saves the page as a bookmark when there are invoices present in the list, the current invoice list is saved to the bookmark. Thus, when the user tries to access ThinClient again after these invoices are processed, the bookmark fools the system into thinking the invoice list that was present when creating the bookmark should be there. Since it's not, the user is asked to refresh the page, since the invoices are actually processed and no longer available in the users invoice list.