IP How to Re-transfer an invoice


How to Re-transfer an invoice

There is an invoice in Master that is in "Transferred" state, which needs to be re-transferred.
In order to do this, you can change the invoice status from IP Admin, as follows:

  1. Open the invoice in Master and double click on the Basware logo in the upper right hand corner. This will copy the invoice doc_id to your clip board. (No visual indication is given, but the data is copied to you clip board so that you can paste it.)
  2. Exit the invoice in Master
  3. Start IP Admin and go to the "Invoice Administration - Edit invoices" pane.
  4. Paste the doc_id that you copied in step 1. (Or repeat step 1, to copy the doc_id again.)
  5. Press "Get invoice"
  6. Change the status field from 3 (transferred) to 2 (ready for transfer) and save.
  7. The invoice should now be available in the "Ready for transfer" pane in Master, and can be transferred as normal.