Edge - Forward Tasks


This article contains instructions on how to forward a task that has been assigned to you to another user. You can forward many types of tasks, such as approval, review, receiving, or finalizing. The task can be for any available document type.


  1. Find the task you want to forward in your task list.
  2. On the task you want to forward, click  on the side of the menu.
  3. Click Forward.
  4. Search for recipients by starting to type the name of the recipient in the Recipient field. The system will find names that contain the letters you type.
  5. Click on the desired recipient to add them to the recipient field. 
  6. If you want to remove a selected recipient, click the next to the name of the selected recipient.
  7. For some tasks, you can add many recipients to a task by repeating first steps.
  8. If necessary, you can add a comment with a reason for forwarding the task in the comment field.
  9. Click Forward.

The task is forwarded to the selected recipients, and the task will disappear from your task list. 

Forwarding tasks in AP Pro

It is possible to forward up to 500 invoice header tasks to new recipients at one time. Invoices must be in Workflow status to be forwarded. 

  1. Select up to 500 invoices in AP Pro that are in Workflow (Pending task, Rejected, Recipient Missing, or Disputed) status.
  2. Click Forward.
  3. Choose to either forward all tasks to the same group of recipients or select specific recipients to update. It is also possible to specify that the task must only be completed by one recipient to be considered complete.
    • Forward all is the default option when selected invoices have single tasks.
    •  If any invoice has multiple tasks, Select recipients is the default option.