I receive documents from Basware BT via FTP or HTTPS post


This page contains information relating to the Basware BT to Amazon Web Services migration on 19th November 2017 for the below receiving methods.

  • FTP
  • SFTP
  • FTPS
  • HTTPS post

IP Information

Please see the new IP details below.  Please note that only the IP address will change.  The DNS name and port will remain the same.

DNS NameNew IP Address (AWS)Old IP AddressPorts Required
  • 21 for FTP
  • 22 for SFTP
  • 443 for HTTPS


What you need to do

Basware will proactively test the connection to all of our FTP and HTTPS Post receiving customers. We ask all customers to ensure that AWS IP address is allowed in your firewall for incoming FTP connections.

Basware will test these connections 2 weeks before the migration date, and send a follow-up email to all customers where our tests prove the connection is not possible from the new AWS IP address.

For backup purposes during transfer period, please do not remove firewall rules for the current IP address until January 2018.



I am not able to change my network firewall in time for the migration date on 19th November 2017.


The old IP address will be available to send your documents for a limited time.  Basware will keep sending your documents from the old IP address if our tests prove that you cannot accept documents from the new one.


If you are still experiencing problems, please contact Basware Support using the Contact form.