Which steps do I need to take to connect with a new Trading Partner?


When you want to connect to a new trading partner, or you receive an invitation of a trading partner in order to start working through WebEDI, you can request Basware to initiate this new connection:

Additional Information:

  1. Connect to the BaswareONE website and login using your username & password

        2.Afterwards, click on the button 'Account' (which can be located in the upper-right corner, next to 'Help' and 'Log-out')

        3. Go to the tab 'My trading partners' - 'All available partners'

        4. Select the requested trading-partner

         5. Select the requested message types and press the button 'Add'

        6. Your request will now be forwarded towards Basware Support who will process your request.
           Once your account has been updated, you will be informed by Basware Support