Accept Error


When a document failed the legal or business checks (for example, a missing VAT number, an incorrect InvoiceTotal, etc..), the audit will result in an 'Accept Error' status and this will generated an automatic email notification towards the senderof this document.

Additional Information:

An example of an automatically generated email notification:

-----Original Message-----
Sent: monday 16 june 2018 9:21
Subject: Refusal of Invoice/Credit note xxxxxxx


Dear XXX (technical name),


The following Invoice/Credit note you have sent to the BaswareONE platform have been rejected:

- Number(s) of Invoice/Credit note: 000xxxxxx

- Document number (audit number) on BaswareONE platform: xxxxxx

- Reason of rejection(s):


Invoice Totals - TotalVATCharges - VATCharge Rate 21 - TotalLineItemAmount


Please apply the necessary corrections to ensure the correct handling of your Invoice/Credit note.


Kind regards - BaswareONE





Include the missing information in the failed document and/or make the necessary modifications and resend the modified document to Basware.