TEM - Take away meals VAT change in Germany July-1-2020


In Germany, after 1st of July the take away meals will have a reduced VAT from 17 % to 9 %

Here is an example for basic VAT settings. In a nutshell:

  1. create new coding  rule category for take away meals
  2. create a new expense “take away meals” and link it to this coding rule category
  3. create two coding rules (+ necessary coding rule rows) one for take away meals starting from the earlier date in use and second starting from 1st of July
  4. set the coding rule row of the earlier one to point to tax base category 19 and the one after 1st of July to point to tax base category 7


Currently, there could be for example a following settings:

  1. Create a new coding rule category

  2. Create new expense (if one does not exist) for take away meals
  3. Choose the newly created coding rule category 10007


  4. Create two coding rules for take away meals, one in use before 1st of July and one beginning then

  5. Create the coding rule rows (3 pcs for both rules)