Basware Message - Adding an additional instance and service




1. Create a copy of the installation folders:

2. In the folder copy of C:\Program Files\Basware\Basware Message (in our example :C:\Program Files\Basware\Basware Message1), locate the 2 configuration files Message.lap and MessageService.lap

3. Open the files as administrator by using Notepad++ or another editor and modify the line "-Dmessage.input.folder=" with the path of the copied installation file from C:\ProgramData\Basware\Basware Message (In our example we used: C:\ProgramData\Basware\Basware Message1)

4. You will be now able to run 2 instances of the Basware Message application.

5. Start the Message.exe files that you can find in each C:\Program Files\Basware\Basware Message and C:\Program Files\Basware\Basware Message(copy) folder 

5. Creating a new service linked to the new application instance is done by opening a command prompt as an Administrator and adding the command:

6. Verify in Services if the new one is visible.