Basware Duplicate Check functionality


This article contains information about the invoice duplicate check functionality in Basware. The target audience for this article is suppliers and receivers, who send or receive invoices through the Basware network. This article instructs the suppliers and receivers to work with the functionality.

This is applicable to selected receivers only. If you are uncertain whether your receiver has this feature, please get in touch with your receiver.


Functional Description:

As part of Basware’s invoice-receiving services, we offer an invoice duplicate check functionality. This is to comply with standard requirements to avoid duplicate invoice delivery and potential duplicate payments.

Basware’s invoice duplicate check is limited to 24h to allow suppliers and buyers to handle invoice duplications as part of exceptions in the local law.

In practice, this means Basware will reject an invoice as a duplicate based on the following criteria:


If the duplication occurs within 24 hours of Basware receiving the first invoice with the criteria mentioned above. Duplicate invoices received after the 24-hour window, will not be rejected. Suppliers can send a duplicate invoice after the 24-hour window without additional actions.

In an urgent need when an invoice needs to be resent sooner than within the 24-hour window, use a different invoice number, and it will go through the Basware systems. Just remember to agree on this with the receiver.