How do I register into the Basware Portal and how do I activate PDF e-invoice for sending service?


To register in Basware Portal and activate PDF e-invoice, follow the below steps.


1. Open the registration link from the email invitation you have received from your customer or from Basware on behalf of your customer.

2. Create a Basware Portal account.

3. Fill in all the mandatory company details.

4. Click on the COMPLETE button on the Instructions tab so you confirm completing the registration.

5. Add more email addresses from which you will send PDF-invoices, if needed.

6. Go to your email or invoicing software and attach a PDF-invoice to your email and start sending. 

We also invite you to check this article or the registration tutorial for step-by-step instructions on how to get yourself registered into the Basware Portal and how to activate the PDF e-invoice sending service.